Kiev Virtual Office is a Kiev based сompany, which was established by the experts in the sphere of commercial lease and business development.

The primary goal of the Kiev Virtual Office is rendering key business services for smooth start of any business in Ukraine for foreign investors/ entrepreneurs.

Like in any other world country, in Ukraine it is possible to start running the business upon easy, smart and budget grounds.

We understand, starting a new project in a foreign country always bears definite risks for an entrepreneur – country risks, financial risks, risk of payback and others. Often, a company/entrepreneur prefers to run its business from its homeland for whatever reasons may be, and does not find it expedient to bear extra costs for the office lease and office staff. In other cases, starting a new business, you never know if it turns out to be a successful project eventually or not, until you give it a try. Frequently, an entrepreneur wishes to widen its presence in definite regions and is conditioned to travel a lot without a real need of a real office with its staff, still in need of having a business address at the spot and a proper dealing with his correspondence and calls from his clients and partners.

Along with this, the very process of company registration, finding the right location of your business address, handling properly your correspondence and make the timely feedback to your partners and clients – should be easy and cost-effective in Ukraine.

The Kiev Virtual Office was created to simplify all these mentioned stages. This is the reason why the team of Kiev Virtual Office would do it best in Ukraine for your business/project start up.

Yet, Kiev Virtual Office is a service for both – start up and already incorporated companies, willing at the certain stage of their functioning to choose a virtual office over instant office maintenance.




→ prestigious location in the business centre of a historical background

→ virtual office and virtual secretary

→ conference room to hold your meetings

→ dedicated desk - your personal working space with wi-fi with and all office amenities



→ we are cost-effective

→ we are multilingual

→ we value our reputation and partner only with trusted business


No matter how far our client could physically be, our care and support are always closer.

 At Kiev Virtual Office we render real office and business services for the price of virtual office!